Grouping of Tiemann lancets and scarificator
A grouping of Tiemann phlebotomy instruments.  Tiemann and company distinguished itself as a firm producing high quality and uniquely American instruments.  George Tiemann began producing instruments in 1826 and by the 1850's was considered the premier instrument manufacturer in the US.  Tiemann's firm in New York  is listed at the following addresses in Edmonson's text on American Instrument manufacturers.

-George Tiemann listed in the census as cutler
1826-32 at 35 Chatham Street
-George Tiemann listed in the census as manufacturer of scissors and surgical instruments starting in 1841
1833-1855 at 63 Chatham Street
-George Tiemann & Co (George Tiemann, Fredrick Stohlmann, and Edward Pfarre)
1855-63 at 63 Chatham and 44 Eldridge
1864-71 at 63 Chatham and 44 Eldridge (Tiemann dies 1868)
1872-86 at 67 Chatham and 107 E. 28th the latter site was named Stohlmann, Pfarre & Co
1882 Stohlmann and Pfarre are joined bytheir sons still under the Tiemann & Co.
1886-1900 at Park Row

Tiemann lancets
Two Tiemann oblique release scarificators.  The piece on the R has the original label.
George Tiemann lancet case label
Typical paper Tiemann label.  Note the wear marks on the label from long standing pressure from the lancet.  A good point to note when trying to judge the authenticity of a label.
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Pediatric Tiemann's oblique scarificator.  Patent Aug 20, 1847