Tiemann cont.
The top of the red velvet lined case drops down to reveal a space for 4 blades.  Two of the extra blades are still covered in their original paper covering.  The lancet and exposed extra blade adjacent to it show two of the blade styles available from the Tiemann firm.
Button release and oblique release models from Tiemann.  The firm offered a common bar release version as well.
Typical script makers mark of the Tiemann firm.
8VI mark on the inner surface of the back plate and underneath the blade to mark the paired pieces as they go through the finishing stages of polishing and assembly.  The presence of these types of marks may be considered evidence that a piece comes from a big firm with numerous units in production at any one time.
Inner workings of the two units.  Both pieces contain a piece of flat steel to keep the blade on track during firing (green arrows).
Extremely rare Tiemann oblique release spring lancet in silver with the fancy script Tiemann logo replaced with block lettering including the 63 Chatham, New York address