This site is dedicated to compiling information about the collecting of antique Phlebotomy instruments.  The site is growing daily as I begin the process of photographing items from my collection and adding information on the identification and understanding of this unique set of collectibles.

Veterinary Items
Rare Interchangeable-blade fleams
Wooden - handled
Horn - handled
Sanderson horn-handled
Brass - handled page 1, page 2
Rare brass fleam
Arnold and Sons fleam/embryotomy knife
Ivory fleam
White metal fleam

Spring lancets
Unusual brass form
Long spring lancet
Bulbous lancet 
Pistol grip lancet, Weiss improved bleeder 
Pistol grip lancet 2
Shagreen cased button release
HG Kern lancets
HGKern style engraved
Brass spring lancets page 1, page 2, page 3
Rare retracting spring lancet
Silver spring lancets
Wooden spring lancet
Iron spring lancets
Weiss's patent phleme
Weiss's​ phleme second type
Huge Veterinary spring lancet
​Fulcrum-pull lancets
Lever action spring lancet

Human Medical items
Artificial leeches
Artificial leeches cont.
Heurteloup leech set
Kidston artificial leech
Pewter leech containers
Pewter bleeding bowls

Lancet cases
Silver cases, Silver lancet cont.
Inscribed etui
Tortoise cases
Mother of Pearl case
Shagreen cases
Gold lancet cases
Rare American Lancet Case

Spring lancets
Sterling lancets
Tiemann lancets
Tiemann cont.
Inscribed lancet
Brass lancets
Flat lancet
Ferguson lancet
Simpson spring lancet
Unusual German lancet
White metal and iron lancets
Primitive lancet
JWW Gordon vaccinator
Linear advance lancet
Folding lancet / boil lancet
Gold spring lancet
W & H Hutchinson button-release

Box form 1
Box form 2
Box form 3
Inscribed forms
Key-driven Scarificator
Gold Scarificator
Single blade Scarificator
Dual adjust Scarificator

Cupping sets
Rare French cupping set / artificial leech set
French cupping set 
American cupping set
Lamprey irish set
British cupping set
Savigny and Company temple cupping set
Becton Dickinson Dry cupping set

Physicians ledger

Aging fleams
Fischer craftsmen of Vienna
Excerpts from John Syn Dorsey's Elements
The links will continue to grow as I get the pictures uploaded, come back often.  If you have any questions about items on the site please feel free to drop me, Tom Yarbrough, DVM, a note at :
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On this site you will see all forms of instruments used throughout medical history for the purpose of bleeding patients.  We have pictures of lancets, lancet cases, fleams, scarificators, pewter bleeding bowls, artificial leeches, cupping sets, and many other oddities. 
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Information and some great items to add to your collection can be found at the following links. Toon Van Leest is a Dentist in the Neatherlands that offers some wonderful collectibles in all areas of Medical and Scientific fields.Stephen Plowman's Heraldry website.  Wonderful site for learning about research into heraldic families, crests and arms.
Dr. Gregory Ribitzky'swonderful collection of dental here to add text.